What bracelet size should I get?

Wondering what bracelet size you are? Everyone is on the lookout for the perfect bracelet size, but as we are all very different, there is no perfect size. There are, however, industry standards regarding the correct bracelet size, so we have made you a bracelet size guide. Keep in mind, though that some people like loose bracelets and others like them tight.


Most common bracelet size

According the UK jewellery supplier Cooksonggold and Etsy, the average bracelet size is 7.5 inches (approximately 19cm). If your wrist is larger than this you are often saved by the extension chain, which is a great solution to make bracelets fit most sizes. A lot of woman have wrist that are 6,5 inches (16,5 cm). It is probably best to contact the bracelet brand and request a bracelet that fits your wrist if the sizes provided do not fit. 


How to measure your wrist 

To find the perfect bracelet fit, a good place to start is measuring your wrist.  

  1. Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist and write down the measurement. If you only have a normal ruler and not a flexible measuring table, cut a rectangular piece of paper and wrap it around your wrist. Draw a line at the point, where the paper reaches all the way around. Measure the length with your ruler. 
  2. As you don’t want your bracelet to be super tight around your wrist, add about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) to your measurement. 
  3. Look at the provided sizes and select items that are close to your wrist measurement or have extension chains  

Our bracelet sizes 

Our bracelets are 16cm  (approximately 6.3 inches), to fit small wrists. To make this fit various sizes, we include an extension chain that fits wrist that are between 16 - 20cm (approximately 6.3 - 11.4 inches). 

If you wish your bracelet to be smaller or larger than the above lengths, please write us a note through or contact form.