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The Creators of Juliette.Dawn

Handcrafted elegance

We, the creators, would like to welcome you to our world of creative jewellery. Here we share our designs, our passion and or knowledge about jewellery, metals and being creative.

Juliette.Dawn - handcrafted jewellery

First, and most importantly, thank you for supporting our dream. We, the creators of Juliette.Dawn, are two passionate jewellery designers, who have dreamed of sharing our own creations with you. This dream is now our reality.

Juliette.Dawn aims to inspire creativity and confidence by designing elegant and minimalistic jewellery.


Who Created Juliette.Dawn?

Now that you know what Juliette.Dawn is all about, how about getting to know us - Big Hello! - We, the passionate jewellery designers and hobbyists, are two very identical twins (Juliette & Dawn) living in the tiny country of Denmark. We discovered out passion for designing these small objects that every girl loves to wear in school, where we joined the best craft society: A jewellery crafting society. Here we learnt to experiment with materials, designs and very viking inspired chain making methods - we even made chainmail belts. Today, we have toned down the vikingness and share designs that we love to wear and hope you will love too.

Our Values

In 2018, we decided it was time to start sharing our creations and spreading some creative mindset. Here, at Juliette.Dawn we focus on three elements in everything we do:

  • Creativity: We incorporate creativity and experimenting in every task.

  • Timelessness: We create designs that are timeless and can follow our customers throughout their life.

  • Minimalism: We value elegance and create designs that are inspired by the Scandinavian minimalism.

We always value feedback and questions, so if you wish to talk to us, please complete our contact form or write to: juliette.dawn@outlook.com

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Jewellery Materials

Learn what our jewellery is made of


Quality has always been important to us. We, therefore, only making jewellery of the finest materials.

  • Sterling Silver: All silver bracelets and silver elements are made of Sterling Silver (925s), including the lock and extension chain.

  • 14ct Gold: Gold elements are made of 14ct gold. Our gold is sourced from fairtrade suppliers.

  • 9ct Red gold: Bracelet made of red gold metal are 9ct gold.

  • Miyuki Delica seed beads: Our beads are sourced from quality Japanese creators of Miyuki delica beads, who have specialised in creating small beads since 1949. Ours are mostly made of glass.  

You can read more about our materials and how we create jewellery in our blog.

Happy reading!